The establishment and implementation of systems and proper technological
support tools are critical components of successful project management.

  • Implementation of Systems. ORCAS designs, configures and implements
    project management software specifically suited to your needs; some are
    simple and some are complex. Selecting the best technology for your situation
    is the starting point. We assess your needs and recommend the best fit. Often,
    we see teams using whatís comfortable, and not necessarily the best. For example, using Microsoft Excel to manage costs for complex projects may not be the best choice.

    Look at an example of choosing technology with a comparison between Excel and Primaveraís Contract Manager in Isnít Excel Good Enough?

    These robust tools and technology can be rolled-out company-wide across many project teams, or introduced to specific project teams to perform certain functions. A suite of project management systems plans projects, updates projects, maps forecasts, manages change, publishes reports, determines project health and more. In addition, we look beyond your companyís immediate needs to ensure that the systems we design last far into the future as well.

  • Honing the Human Factor. When ORCAS talks about systems, we mean more than software and hardware: we believe in training already talented people to be even more effective at established processes. We work hard to develop systems that work, and believe that the skill sets we impart on your existing team members will help make your company more productive and effective for years to come.

  • Hosting. Instead of advising our clients to purchase costly new servers and expanding their IT department, ORCAS provides time- and cost-effective hosting services for project management software. The benefits of our alliance with Loadspring™, the hosting technology company, include:

    • Improved project management software functionality
    • Quick three-day set-up
    • Uptime guarantee of 99.5%
    • Advanced back-up and offsite media storage
    • No software installation costs
    • Improved access for "approved" external project team members
    • Simple scalability to grow with increased number of users
    • High level of security
    • Reasonable monthly fee structure

  • Consulting. Looking to improve project controls within your company, or hoping to improve the outcome of an existing project? ORCAS provides a full range of specialized consulting services, including:

    • Lessons Learned
    • Best Known Practices
    • Project Controls Audit/Assessment
    • Post Mortem Project Analysis
    • GAP Analysis
    • Corrective Action Plans

Coming Soon: learn more about the movement of project controls across all enterprises in The Future of Project Controls.