We recognize that project success creates business success. Which is why
we deliver people, project controls, technology and objectivity to ensure that
all your project phases run seamlessly.

Take a look at how ORCAS can help your company:

  • People. ORCAS brings only the right people to support you. We augment your existing team with qualified experts to focus on specific project areas and fill specialized skill sets, or we deliver a complete project controls team. Over the years, ORCAS has worked with a full circle of project team contributors, including designers, contractors, construction managers and turnkey system providers. Who better to have on your team than someone who fully understands all sides of the game?

    Our ORCAS team members are the best at what they do, and are available to work remotely or be on-site as long as necessary. We take care of the details so that your team can focus on the big picture.

  • Project Controls. The right project controls make projects run smoothly. ORCAS provides valuable consulting and strategy services that leverage our field-based knowledge and areas of expertise. Since all of our projects are complex with critical time-to-market demands, we work closely with clients from day one to ensure the right, customized plan is securely in place. Then, we coordinate project controls solutions across all key departments so that everyone throughout the enterprise is "on the same page."

  • Technology. ORCAS incorporates only the most appropriate technological tools and systems in developing successful project controls management solutions, from the best software for your particular needs to unique hosting and delivery options.

  • Objectivity. ORCAS brings third-party objectivity to every project. Company owners, presidents and CEOs are increasingly mandating high levels of accountability and objectivity on their projects. With the introduction of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and an increase in corporate initiatives to improve business practices, there is even more pressure to create and enact stringent "checks-and-balances" systems. Whether reviewing contractor plans, analyzing productivity, or bringing enterprise-wide visibility to organizations, we deliver critical experience and insight.

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