In 1988, ORCAS was co-founded by Stephanie Thatcher in Seattle, Washington.
Her vision: to create small groups of innovative thinkers and doers to provide
strategic solutions for specialized enterprises. Through creativity, collaboration
and dedication, we would stretch the boundaries of corporate America, and work in
unique and fulfilling ways.

To help achieve this vision, we felt it was important to locate our headquarters in an inspiring and natural setting. This dream was realized when we established our "Retreat Headquarters" on the Sonoma Coast in the small, village of Jenner-by-the-Sea, California. This is where the ORCAS team meets to strategize, innovate and collaborate.


ORCAS strives to be the nation’s leader and most recognized company in project controls services and solutions for complex projects where time to market is critical and risk is high.


ORCAS strives to be the leading provider of project controls services. We are dedicated to providing the tools and information required for the delivery of successful projects through the innovative application of people, project controls and technology. We embrace the highest standards of integrity, loyalty and trust in all that we do. We aspire to work with great people who share our values.  Learn more about President Stephanie Thatcher.


When we created ORCAS, we wanted a unique symbol people wouldn’t forget. We succeeded! In this high-tech world of cold geometric shapes, no one forgets the ORCAS whale. But people always want to know . . . why the whale?

The Orca whale is symbolic of the Pacific Northwest, the first home to our company. Our team was fascinated with the whale’s ability to communicate and successfully network together to thrive. The Orca is also a traveler who seeks new sites of opportunity. In the shark-infested waters of our new economy, the Orca whale is the shark’s only predator. Our experience gives us the edge in protecting our client’s position, overcoming the sharks and securing their success.