What exactly are project controls solutions? Simply stated, these are
essential, carefully selected processes that, when executed properly, will
ensure the successful completion of any project—meeting time and budget
demands as well as the stated project objectives. ORCAS covers a wide range
of services, from developing project road maps and scheduling to budgets.

Here are just a few of the project controls services we provide:

  • Project Planning
  • Turnaround Planning
  • Contracts Management
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Resource Projections and Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Earned-Value Systems and Analysis
  • Issues Management
  • Claims Analysis and Mitigation
  • Document Control
  • Project Delivery Systems (Primavera Suite)
  • Enterprise-wide Project Systems

ORCAS employs these innovative projects controls solutions in three simple ways:

  • Strategic Project Controls Resource. When you just need that extra edge. ORCAS analyzes your existing project demands, and determines any potential gaps. Then, we add strategic resources, such as a scheduler, cost engineer or project manager, to complete and complement your existing team.

  • Turnkey Project Controls Team. For projects that require a complete Project Controls Solution to work in partnership with your company. We gather and organize all necessary people, project controls and technology to be on-site to help manage your project to successful completion. Learn more about Effective Project Controls: Designing the Perfect Team.

  • Remote Project Controls Support. For smaller projects. ORCAS' remote support option offers project deliverables on an "as-needed" basis.